Health Services Specialist

About Michael Moodie

I have approximately 30 years experience in public health care and have operated at a senior executive level within state public health services in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia for over 20 years. During this time I have been directly responsible for major change and reform programs, for major service delivery functions such as Area Health Services, including hospitals and community based services and major tertiary teaching hospitals, and I have held senior executive positions in central offices of state Departments of Health. I have been an active member of state Department of Health executive teams and participated on a wide range of executive committees.

I have a management style that is predicated on the development of staff through mentoring, support, and involvement in teams. I see myself as a ‘coach’ rather than a ‘boss’. I have a fundamental belief that a well functioning team can resolve any issue. I have a strong commitment to the public health system and its focus on access and equity. I am a strong believer in patient rights and the involvement of patients and communities in the health service decision making.

I provide high-level strategic leadership and management through an executive team and the development of strategic plans which detail the vision, mission and goals that I and my team are seeking to achieve together with strategies to attain these goals as well as criteria and processes to evaluate progress and ultimate success. These strategic management processes require considerable investment in working with the team and the organization to gain commitment to an agenda and to identify any issues that need to be addressed during implementation. The strategic plans need to be consistent with the vision, mission and reform agenda of the Department of Health and Government and focused on the provision of services to patients.

In all of these roles I have been required to deliver results under significant budget and time pressures. I am very skilled at gaining the commitment of others to achieve results not only for the organisation but also for patients. Some examples include: the delivery of major reform projects such as the restructuring of Qld Health in the 1990s, the delivery of major capital and technology programs, implementation of quality and safety programs within area health services and hospitals and the establishment of new area health services from the amalgamation of district health services.

I have significant political acumen not only from my leadership and management experience in health but as a student of public administration and health culture. I understand the ‘politics of health’ not only in rural and remote areas of Australia but also as it applies in tertiary hospitals in metropolitan settings. I have worked directly to both heads of departments and Ministers for Health for many years and understand the pressures and demands of these roles and the operations of government generally.